Airport annual report shows continued impact of Covid-19

With various constraints in place due to Covid-19, 2020 has been a calm year for Guernsey Airport, with a dramatic drop in passenger numbers. (Photo by Sophie Rabey, 30031962)

From 828,230 in 2019, only 185,707 passengers were registered in 2020.

Although the closures may have ended, the ongoing pandemic is still having an impact, according to the airport’s annual report.

“The effect of various legal restrictions on non-essential travel, self-isolation and foreclosure measures in the Bailiwick of Guernsey and other jurisdictions continues to have a significant impact on airlines, operators of airports and third party contractors working in the civil aviation sector in the British Isles, Europe and the rest of the world, ”he said.

Operating costs per passenger movement also increased due to the decline in headcount.

While in 2019 it had cost the airport £ 15.36 per passenger, last year the figure was £ 22.61.

Likewise, the cost per passenger of navigation services was much higher than in 2019, dropping from £ 4.90 to £ 22.27.

Movements were also affected by Flybe’s going into liquidation shortly before the pandemic. The report said he was responsible for around 12% of annual passenger traffic at the airport.

However, some services have worked while others have not, including the Alderney route and the Isle of Man airlift which started in July.

“Both services generated an opportunity for islanders to travel abroad and there was a high degree of popularity in both destinations,” the report said.

The London Gatwick and Southampton routes saw the most activity during the year. A total of 52,155 people used Gatwick, which is a drop of about 83% from the total of 310,040 in 2019. From a peak of 20,783 in February, the numbers fell to 60 in April and to 41 throughout the month of November.

The Southampton route, meanwhile, welcomed 45,198 passengers in 2020 against 148,202 the previous year, a decrease of just under 70%.

Of the main roads, Southampton was the only one that saw movement every month.

The Isle of Man airlift operated from July to October inclusive and was used by 8,161 passengers.

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