Are we pushing the festivities too far?


In Philly and South Jersey, people typically take a “go big or go home” approach to literally every holiday.

Think about it: most of us have an endless list of places to go and people to see from October 1 through New Years. So to say that Christmas is to blame for the South Jersey holiday craziness just isn’t true. If you can honestly admit that you have time for yourself during the holiday season, then you don’t have to be from the Delaware Valley.

I have no doubts that the reason everyone in Philly, South Jersey and the surrounding area tends to be so busy this time of year is because of all the fun things to do this place has to offer. Want to pick pumpkins? You have it as soon as Labor Day comes and goes. And the hayrides? People started to carry their children with them at the end of August / beginning of September. And the decoration for Christmas? Forget to wait until after Thanksgiving. Some people have Christmas decorations here in South Jersey the day after Halloween.

Condolences to all those basic fall decorations that never see the light of day.

Holidays are a constant time to “hurry and wait”. In fact, a new survey has determined that time for yourself is the first thing to do when life gets hectic. 70% of respondents admit to doing so. There is a flip side, however. In 2021, two in three people have made it their business to devote more time that can be used to re-energize themselves from the stress that this time of year brings.

Isn’t that a good sign? Yay for more “time for me”! Let’s take that mindset with us in this year’s holiday season.

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If you are looking for some

If you were to get off the grid in South Jersey, where would you go? We figured that out for you.

Speaking of vacations, here are some costume ideas to suit your zodiac:

NJ-Themed Halloween Makeup: Become the Jersey Devil

A popular Youtuber channeled South Jersey’s most infamous legendary creature, the Jersey Devil, to create a pretty epic Halloween look.

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