Burnham: Covid-19 investigation will reveal ‘worst traits’ of Westminster system


The promised public inquiry into Covid-19 will reveal the need for British society to be “completely rewired,” said Andy Burnham.

The Mayor of Greater Manchester said the pandemic had demonstrated inequality in the country, with some people able to stay at home on Zoom while others were forced to work in dangerous environments without personal protective equipment (PPE) necessary.

The government intends to start the investigative process in the spring of 2022, but Labor has called for it to start earlier.

Speaking at an event on the sidelines of the Labor conference in Brighton, Mr Burnham said the inquiry “will reveal how our country is run” and show “some of the worst features of this Whitehall and Westminster system”.

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“It will tell you that the local government is completely ignored, flouted.

“This will tell you about the north of England crying for help, being absolutely out of the way.

“It’ll tell you everything that’s wrong with the way this country is run. “

He added: ‘Britain needs to be completely rewired, it takes a lot more power taken out of Westminster and Whitehall and given to people at the local level, so that the pandemic response could have been managed properly from that. local level. “

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