Carrie Johnson says PM is committed to protecting LGBT + community assets


Carrie Johnson said her husband, the Prime Minister, was “totally committed” to protecting the gains of the LGBT + community and expanding them further.

She has championed Boris Johnson’s LGBT + rights record, with the PM often criticized for using the insult “bum boy tank tops” to refer to gay men in a newspaper column.

But Ms Johnson praised her husband’s efforts and highlighted the role of Tory activists in modernizing the party as she gave a speech at a pride event on the sidelines of the Tories conference in Manchester on Tuesday.

London Pride Parade
Boris Johnson wears a pink cowboy hat at the Pride London show (Anthony Delvin / PA)

“There are still those who tell me that being LGBT + and conservative is somehow incompatible, well, looking around tonight we can see that is totally wrong.

“Many of you here tonight have been instrumental in the journey our party has taken for gay rights and we can now say with immense pride that it was a Tory Prime Minister who offered a marriage equal in England and Wales.

“I want you all to know that we now have a Prime Minister who is totally committed to accepting these gains and expanding them further.”

“Good,” replied an audience member, before Ms Johnson praised the Prime Minister’s record on LGBT + rights.

“Boris also wanted me to remind you that as mayor he led the pride parade wearing a rather alluring pink stetson, which I think we should encourage him to do again,” added Mrs. Johnson laughing.

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