Guernsey issues new safety guidelines ahead of Guy Fawkes Night


Guernsey has released new guidelines to help keep people safe at Guy Fawkes Night.

The states set up a web form islanders to declare their plans for November 5 or 6.

They warn that fireworks have the potential to “distract and confuse aircrew” and that it is important that authorities be notified before Bonfire Night next month.

Islanders are also advised not to set off fireworks in public places, such as parks and beaches, and always read the manufacturer’s instructions before using them.

Additionally, the government warns of the importance of keeping susceptible animals in a safe and secure environment and of being alert to local wildlife, which could be injured.

One suggestion is that people put up wildlife-proof fences around bonfires to keep wildlife out.

The purchase of fireworks outside the island is prohibited in Guernsey and any shipment will be held by customs officials at the border.

More details can be found on the Website of the States of Guernsey.

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