Love and hockey: Fort Wayne couple embrace life surrounded by Komets hockey


FORT WAYNE, Indiana (WANE) – For 70 years, the city of Fort Wayne embraced Komets hockey and the memories that followed. After a tough season with limited attendance for most of the season, a near-full crowd celebrated the Komets’ inaugural Kelly Cup Championship.

Emily and Adam Craig still remember the moment the last horn sounded that night, when the Jungle erupted and the Komets players huddled on top of each other.

“It was absolutely amazing,” said Emily. “It was absolutely amazing to win a Cup this (last) season.”

The Craigs have been Komets fans almost forever. Adam started following the team in the early 1990s, inheriting his family’s fandom, while Emily began attending games almost a decade later.

As well as cheering on the Komets at Memorial Coliseum, the Craigs followed the team on the road, venturing to areas like Kansas City, Charleston, SC and even across the border to Newfoundland.

“Komets fans travel well,” said Emily. “Commentators notice it. Other teams are noticing it. They hear it.

Like true Komets fans, Adam and Emily Craig decorated the top of their wedding cake with a hockey puck.

The two can also credit the Komets with the opportunity to meet. Thanks to a mutual friend, Adam and Emily first met at a Komets game a few years ago. After getting to know each other over the years, the two tied the knot in early June.

Their marriage also coincided with the end of the Komets’ regular season, when the team were looking for a playoff berth. Their wedding took place the same night as the team’s regular season finale. Even on their special day, the Craigs played the Komets game on a projector so they didn’t miss the game.

Once the Craigs realized the Komets were in the playoffs, the two made an intermission for their honeymoon so they could return to Fort Wayne and see their favorite team.

“We can’t go and then risk the Komets going to the final and not being here,” Emily thought at the time.

After the Komets advanced to the Kelly Cup final, the newlyweds traveled from Connecticut to Fort Wayne. After winning the title, the two traveled to Maine to complete their honeymoon.

As the Komets prepare for their 70th season, Adam and Emily are excited to return to a normal year and reconnect with jungle fans.

“It’s great to see people and go around the rink and say, ‘Hey, how are you doing?’ and catch up, especially after this year, ”said Emily. “There are so many people we still haven’t seen from the games, and it will be nice to catch up with people.”

The Komets Kavé

Over the years, Adam and Emily have amassed a huge collection of Komets memorabilia – posters, pucks, sticks, figurines, and everything about the Komets. Instead of throwing these items away or putting them away, the Craigs decided to decorate their home with these collectibles.

Adam posing with his very first Komets swimsuit

Ask Adam or Emily about any of the items in their collection, and they can almost instantly remember a memory of when they got that specific piece. Adam’s favorite item is his first Komets jersey, which hangs in a corner of the living room.

Some of Emily’s favorite memories are old game shows and a framed photo of her with broadcast captions Bob Chase and Mike “Doc” Emerick.

Adam and Emily’s collection arouses a lot of admiration and envy among other Komets fans.

“A lot of our friends think we should charge for admission because we have so many memories,” Adam said. “It’s like a hall of fame here in Fort Wayne.”

The two compare their collection to a living timeline of history, both for the Komets and for themselves. Each post has its own story, a look at how the Komets have shaped their lives and the lives of many fans around Fort Wayne.

“It always reminds me of how great the Komets legacy has always been, and how many special people we have met along the way, and who knows who else to come.”

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