Outer Banks: Shop Kiara’s Best Outfits From Season 2


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Is your wallet close at hand? Because season two of External banks just hit Netflix, and Kiara (Madison Bailey) serves as a major inspiration for every outfit. Single. episode. While embarking on plenty of action-packed, gold-hunting, and police escape adventures with the Pogues, Kiara wears a slew of cool graphic tees, cropped denim shorts, crop tops. and even comfortable jackets, the latter not being part of her wardrobe for the first part of the show. “In season two, we see Kiara move on to school diapers, which made for a lot of fun with sturdy jeans, funky boots, cardigans and cool jackets.” External banks Costume designer Emmie Holmes told POPSUGAR. “Being able to layer her means you can see the full spectrum of her enviable style.”

Kiara’s outfits this season feature pieces inspired by the 70s and 90s Emmie selected from big brands like Reformation, Roxy, Free People and Quicksilver, in addition to smaller brands like Her Waves, which she discovered on Instagram as the stores were closed due to COVID-19. Emmie leaves movies like Empire Archives and Dazed and confused guide her through putting together Kiara’s wardrobe, ultimately solidifying the character’s status as a “nostalgic queen of the throwback.” So want the truth about all the affordable brands Kiara wears OBX this season, straight from Emmie herself? Take this wallet and read ahead for shopping.

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