Paul Bunyan’s official show takes place at the Guernsey Exhibition Center


OLD WASHINGTON, Ohio – The Ohio Forestry Association (OFA) is hosting their official Paul Bunyan show at the Guernsey County Fairgrounds this weekend.

The show was established in 1957 and is one of the largest and oldest businesses in the forest industry in the country, according to Brad Perkins, executive director of OFA.

“The forest products industry in Ohio is a big problem. It’s a $ 27 billion per year economic impact industry, most people don’t know, ”Perkins said. “So we have a lot of different educational things here for them. We have educational seminars where they can go and listen to professionals talk about managing their forest and proper harvesting techniques.

Perkins added that visitors will have the chance to see all of the latest equipment available on the market and spoke more about the importance of the hardwood industry in Ohio.

“A lot of people worry, are we cutting down too many trees and doing stuff with them? But Ohio continues to grow 1 ½ to twice the volume of what we harvest, so it’s a sustainable industry. It’s about making beautiful products that we use every day, ”Perkins said.

The event also included 130 exhibitors who represent all facets of the industry across North America, multiple competitions, activities and food and will continue through Sunday October 3rd.

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