Review: Megmeister Women’s Drynamo Cycle Sleeveless Base Layer


The Megmeister Women’s Drynamo Cycle Sleeveless Base Layer has minimal seams, wonderfully comfortable raw cut edges, and wicks sweat quickly. The price is a bit steep, but it’s a great summer base layer that will serve you well as you push the pace in the heat.

The Drynamo is made from a blend of 44% Dryarn Polypropylene, 44% Nylon 6.6, and 12% Spandex, and feels wonderfully soft against the skin.

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When it comes to size, the Drynamo is split into just two, XS / S and M / L. It might not seem like a lot of choice, but this material is so stretchy that it can accommodate a wide range of shapes for every size. It offers a compressive, form-fitting fit with no tightness anywhere in my experience.

The fit is well judged: At the top, the base layer ends underneath any lightweight, low-necked summer swimsuits I own, and the length accommodates those of us with longer torsos.

Megmeister Drynamo Cycle Women's Sleeveless Base Layer 2021 - Neck.jpg

It will also easily cover your back as you move forward in a low and aggressive riding position, as it is 8cm longer at the rear.

2021 Megmeister Drynamo Cycle Women's Sleeveless Underwear - mesh.jpg

The Dryanmo is finished with raw cut edges throughout – the neck and arm holes, as well as the bottom – and that really contributes to the comfort levels provided.

This hem finish doesn’t look particularly neat around the neck and armholes, and I was worried at first that it was vulnerable in these places, but there was no fraying; it has so far proven to be completely wear resistant.

Megmeister Drynamo Cycle Women's Sleeveless Base Layer 2021 - Breast.jpg

Megmeister has also kept seams to a minimum to prevent chafing. There isn’t one on the sides, just one at the top of each shoulder. To improve comfort (to be picky), I would have preferred that these shoulder seams were positioned a little more forward or backward to avoid the main pressure points of the straps and bra straps, as does the Radiator underwear by Velocio.

Megmeister Drynamo Sleeveless Base Layer 2021 For Women - detail.jpg

The only other improvement in comfort would be to have the washing instructions printed on the fabric itself instead of a label, as this can also cause a little irritation.


There are strategically placed mesh sections on the front and back of this base layer, as well as under the arms, to make it easier for moisture to escape in areas where you sweat more. The size of the perforations of the mesh is variable, the back of the shoulders, for example, being the least perforated, and the armpits being the most perforated. It handles the sweat generated very well and I have found it never overwhelmed.

Drynamo Cycle 2021 Megmeister Women's Sleeveless Underwear - Shoulders.jpg

Nylon is very good at wicking away sweat, while polypropylene wicks moisture away from your skin and dries faster than polyester, which is used in other underwear.

I stayed comfortable pushing to the threshold on the climbs and as the diaper wicks away moisture quickly I found that on the descents I didn’t have that cold feeling which can be a problem with some. base layers that retain perspiration.

On the odor side, it’s quite respectable. I wore the Drynamo on a multi-day bike trip and found it to be quite cool at the end – there is no need to wash after every ride, even with the company of other people.

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A wide choice of colors is also available. Besides plain white or standard black, there are navy blue, pink and purple.

While the sleeveless option is five pounds cheaper than the short-sleeved version, £ 49.95 is still on top for underwear. That said, at £ 50 there’s also the Assos Summer NS skin layer which uses circular seamless technology for seamless sides. Matt Page tested the men’s version and found that while it is very absorbent, it also traps sweat which can cool down quickly after you stop riding.

The Hydra Tech Pro Fresco Sleeveless Men’s Base Layer is a bit cheaper at £ 43.99 and has no tags and a great fit as well as moisture wicking ability, although the arm and neck hole seams are slightly thicker.

Even cheaper is Lusso’s Pain Cave Eco summer underwear for £ 29.99 – a quick-drain option made from 93% recycled PET bottles.

Overall, the Sleeveless Drynamo is a very good technical performance first layer that offers excellent moisture management and a comfortable, snug fit thanks to its seamless sides and raw edges. Since the Drynamo is so efficient, it’s a great choice for tough and competitive riding.


Well-fitting sleeveless layer with comfortable seamless sides and excellent moisture-wicking ability

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Brand and model : Drynamo Cycle Megmeister Women’s Sleeveless Underwear

Tell us what the product is for

Megmeister says: “Designed to meet the needs of high intensity hot weather riding, the Drynamo Base Layer is your first layer garment close to the skin, providing optimal function and comfort through a combination of excellent moisture wicking, lightweight insulation and a comfortable free fit seam. “

Tell us a little more about the technical aspects of the product?

Megmeister Lists:

Totally transparent design

Excellent moisture management, keeping skin dry during high activity

Incredibly light

Raw hems for a flush fit under the jersey

Strategically placed zoned construction ensures maximum ventilation in key areas

Highly breathable

Non-allergenic and antibacterial

Rear hem 8cm longer than the front hem to avoid exposing the skin when crouching on the handlebars

Retains its shape even after repeated washing

Rate the product for build quality:


Rate the product for its performance:


Its ability to wick away moisture is very impressive.

Rate the product for its durability:


Rough cut edges appear vulnerable but are actually very resistant to wear.

Evaluate the product for fit:


Spot on – it’s a tight fit without any tightness.

Evaluate the product for sizing:


There are only two sizes, S / M and L / XL, but because the material is so stretchy, the Drynamo really fits perfectly and seems to adapt very well to riders of different shapes.

Evaluate the product by weight:


Rate the product for its comfort:


Raw hems and seamless sides for a comfortable fit. That said, I would have preferred the care instructions printed on the fabric rather than a label which can cause a bit of irritation.

It’s comfortable to wear when you push the pace thanks to its excellent moisture wicking ability.

Evaluate the product for its value:


The Drynamo technology is impressive, but it’s at the highest price point for sleeveless underwear.

Is the product easy to maintain? How did he react to washing?

Everything is fine once put in the washing machine at 40 ° C.

Tell us how the product performed overall when used for its intended purpose

It is great for wicking away moisture and keeping you comfortable while riding.

Tell us what you particularly liked about the product

The stretchy material that provides a perfect fit.

Tell us what you didn’t particularly like about the product

The price and the label.

How does the price compare to similar products on the market, including those recently tested on

It’s in the high end of the market, but not at all on its own around £ 40-50 with, for example, the Assos and Hydra Tech Pro offerings.

Did you enjoy using the product? Yes

Would you consider purchasing the product? Yes, if on sale.

Would you recommend the product to a friend? Yes

Use this box to explain your overall score

Overall, the Drynamo is a perfectly fitted base layer with comfortable raw edge arm and neck holes as well as seamless sides. It effectively wicks away perspiration and dries quickly. Expensive, but excellent.

Age: 23 Height: 177 cm Weight: 62kg

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I have been driving since: 10-20 years I ride: Everyday I would classify myself as: Expert

I regularly do the following types of riding: road races, cyclo-cross, commuting, hiking, club trips, sports, general fitness riding, gravel, turbo and indoor roller riding, track

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