Satanist teenager risks life behind bars for murdering her sisters


A teenager risks his life behind bars for killing two sisters in a satanic blood pact.

Danyal Hussein, 19, savagely stabbed Bibaa Henry, 46, and Nicole Smallman, 27, to death in a Wembley park in June last year.

The Old Bailey has learned that he has embarked on a “revenge campaign” against random women in a failed attempt to win the £ 321million Mega Millions Super Jackpot lottery prize.

Police tracked him down through DNA and discovered a handwritten promise to a demonic entity called Lucifuge King Rofocale to kill six women every six months, which was signed with blood.

Hussein refused to testify at his trial and was convicted of two counts of murder and possession of a knife.

He will appear before Madam Justice Whipple on Thursday to be sentenced.

Frient Park passes away
Danyal Hussein was found guilty of two counts of murder (Met Police / PA)

In preparation for the murder, Hussein bought knives from Asda and a black hood from Amazon and registered with a lottery betting site.

In the early hours of June 6 last year, he tracked down his victims as they celebrated Ms Henry’s birthday at Fryent Country Park in Wembley, north London.

Hussein stabbed Ms Henry eight times, before slashing Ms Smallman 28 times as she bravely retaliated.

He then dragged them into the bushes where they remained out of sight for 36 hours.

Danyal Hussein's signature in the blood
Signature of Danyal Hussein in the blood (Metropolitan Police / PA)

Over the next 10 days, Hussein spent £ 162.88 on lottery tickets and betting, all to no avail.

On the evening of June 6, concerned relatives of the sisters reported their disappearance, but officers were not deployed to the park until the next day.

Before their arrival, Ms Smallman’s frenzied boyfriend, Adam Stone, who couldn’t believe she would have left their pet bearded dragon unattended, found the bodies.

Hussein in custody
Hussein in police custody (Metropolitan Police / AP)

On June 30 of last year, in a major breakthrough, a DNA family link was established with Hussein’s father, who had been warned in the past.

Within an hour and a half, Hussein was identified on CCTV buying knives from Asda and returning home after the murders.

Excavations of his room in south-east London uncovered a book of spells, handwritten demonic symbols and two blood pacts.

Jurors were not told of the extent of Hussein’s obsession with demons, spells and potions.

He had drawn the attention of the police when he was just 15, fearing he was vulnerable to radicalization and violent extremism.

Frient Park passes away
A photo of Nicole Smallman and Bibaa Henry taken by a friend on the night of the birthday party in the Metropolitan Police Park / PA)

He is believed to have been influenced by the work of a black American magician who has ties to a Britain-based Nazi Satanist group known as the Order of the Nine Angles.

Last week, Facebook deleted her page and her Instagram account and YouTube launched a review.

Two police officers have been charged with misconduct in the performance of public office after allegedly sharing photos of the crime scene on WhatsApp, and are expected to plead their case on November 2.

Meanwhile, the Independent Police Complaints Office has concluded its investigation into the response to the first reports of missing persons.

On Monday, the police watchdog found that the level of service the Met provided over the weekend when the sisters went missing was “below the standard it should have been”.

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