Tallach Vogelpohl, Lakeside graduate appointed to ASHOF board of directors


Outstanding three sports athlete at Lakeside and a native of Hot Springs, Sharon Tallach Vogelpohl immersed herself further in the Arkansas sports world when she was named to the Board of Directors of the Sports Hall of Fame at the ‘Arkansas.

ASHOF announced on October 27 that the winner of the four-year volleyball letter to Centenary College of Louisiana and the President and CEO of MHP / Team SI

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has joined the Board of Directors as Chair of the Marketing and Membership Committee where she will seek to improve the reach of the organization statewide.

Tallach Vogelpohl has participated in fundraisers and other ASHOF events, and his agency helped the organization rename the organization several years ago. After multiple intersections with ASHOF through its networks, she joined the effort.

“Knowing that they wanted to raise awareness of the sports hall of fame and how Arkansans from all walks of life can be involved by becoming a member for a very reasonable price, they wanted to raise awareness about this and start growing the membership to make it a real one. more inclusive organization, ”she said. “They asked me if I was going to join the board of directors and get involved in this awareness initiative.”

Tallach Vogelpohl said that while it is known that ASHOF exists, many people are unaware that an Arkansan can join the organization as a member.

Members can nominate people for the Hall of Fame ballot, vote for inductees, and members enjoy unlimited visits to the museum. A regular membership costs $ 100 per year, while coaches, administrators and former inductees can purchase a membership for $ 50 per year.

Tallach Vogelpohl stressed the need to make ASHOF feel inclusive for all of Arkansas, not just central Arkansas. She wants to both increase membership and increase the geographic representation of ASHOF members across Arkansas.

“One of my goals is to know from my athletic background and having played and competed all over the state that there are great athletes and great sports fans from Arkansas all over the place. the state, ”she said. “(I) want to make sure they know that and know that their voice wants to be heard in terms of the candidates and to be able to vote and make sure their part of state is represented in the room.”

Tallach Vogelpohl’s sporting experience got off to a huge start in the spa town. Growing up, she really didn’t have a choice when it came to loving sports.

Her father played golf and football in college, while her mother still competes in the Arkansas Senior Olympics at age 75. Tallach Vogelpohl and her brothers were playing the sport growing up before she played Division I volleyball, and her older brother played Division I baseball.

“So it’s kind of in the DNA of the Tallach family,” she said.

In a full circle that has its roots in Hot Springs, current ASHOF board chairman Greg Hatcher came to Hot Springs from Michigan after college.

Hatcher wanted to coach a youth football team in Hot Springs and while looking for a sponsor for his program Hatcher met Tallach Vogelpohl’s father who became a sponsor for the team.

“This whole relationship has been based on sport, and he and Greg have been friends for a long time,” said Tallach Vogelpohl. “Greg has been a great mentor to me.… Just a lot of good people who care about the sport and want to support, defend and celebrate it.”

Tallach Vogelpohl got involved with the Little Rock Rotary Club because of Hatcher, and both are past club presidents. Today, they are again united within the board of directors of ASHOF.

A wide variety of Hot Springs natives have been inducted into the State Hall of Fame. These athletes competed in a multitude of different sports including golf, boxing, soccer, horse racing and more.

The voting period for the new class of inductees ended on October 31 and George Cochran, from Hot Springs, was on the ballot as an outdoor enthusiast who is also part of the Hall of Fame. professional bass fishing.

Part of Tallach Vogelpohl’s mission with ASHOF is to ensure that the stories of athletes from all corners of the state are heard, no matter what the sport.

“The state is full of many natural talents, and it is a state that loves sports,” she said. “Hot Springs is very well represented, but there are 75 counties in the state of Arkansas and for everyone you see on this list, there are probably similar stories that have yet to be told in these. 75 more counties.… I think there are stories like that to be told in every nook and cranny of the state. “

When Tallach Vogelpohl won the Women’s Foundation Arkansas Woman of the Year in Business award, Hatcher shared a story highlighting her tenacity and athletic education in Hot Springs in the video honoring Tallach Vogelpohl for her award.

“Ed and Ellen these are my parents, invited Greg and his young wife to dinner with us,” said Tallach Vogelpohl. He said, ‘You know most couples, they invite you over and you have dinner and they want to stay and have a few drinks and maybe play cards. He said, ‘After dinner there were no drinks, and Ed and Ellen challenged my wife and I to a 2v2 basketball game.’ He told me. says, ‘Wow, these are interesting people.’ “

Participating in three different sports at Lakeside, volleyball, basketball and tennis, Tallach Vogelpohl said there was a large group of successful female athletes in the program at the time. This not only fueled her love for sports, but also helped her pay for her education through a sports scholarship.

“To be competitive and to be a part of a community like Hot Springs, even though there are a lot of high schools, everyone has a great fan base,” she said. “Being in that environment only fuels your love for the sport. When you’re competing it’s something you really enjoy and it’s a nice compliment to your overall experience as a student-athlete. “

Tallach Vogelpohl remains particularly proud of having practiced three sports during her stay at Lakeside, especially at a time when there is a lot of specialization.

“It’s almost unheard of now that someone can play three sports,” she said. “There is so much specialization that occurs, and I have always been very proud not only to be able to compete, but also to compete successfully regionally and statewide in volleyball, basketball and tennis. “

Today, she makes sure that her own children don’t have to play just one sport, and she hopes they can carry on her legacy of playing three sports in high school.

“I hope my children can have a similar opportunity,” she said. “It might be more difficult for them because they’re going to play 7A, and I only played 5A, so we’ll see how it goes.”

For Tallach Vogelpohl, athletics is a microcosm of life. No matter if his kids give other teams a big slap, or if they get slapped on the pitch, the world of sports always teaches a lesson.

“Either way, I’m having fun and they’re learning an important life lesson,” she said. “Because no matter what happens there, the outcome, you’re going to learn something about leadership, you’re going to learn something about persistence, you’re going to learn something humble. There are so many opportunities. to learn, and to be involved in it, is very important to me individually. “

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