The $ 3 shirt that will make your summer infinitely more stylish


You may have heard that the tank top is back. Recently, designers have taken to reinterpreting the once humble silhouette with unbridled glee, adding asymmetrical necklines and crisscross straps. Amid all the excitement of tank tops, it’s easy to overlook the style’s messy cousin, the t-shirt. You should not. Yes, the weird tanks are there, but so are the most basic versions possible that you can copy by the half-dozen for under $ 20 on Amazon.

The T-shirt is similar to the tank top only in its design. In the spirit, it’s much more grounded, the faithful uniform of that cranky, older dude in your neighborhood who spends most of the summer on his front porch watching the new Poke dot across the street. the street. Make no mistake: the designer tank top remains a reliable summer flex, especially if you’re a runway model with the chiseled torso of a Greco-Roman bust. But the t-shirt – slightly more forgiving, significantly less valuable – has also become a fan favorite, easily abandoning its status as an undershirt in favor of a new role as a standalone diaper. If your build leans on the beefier side, watch guys like the boss Matty Matheson for an introduction on how to wear the style, or turn to Tony Soprano, the quintessential anti-hero of Prestige TV himself, who paired his T-shirts with silky buttons and a laundry list of Mafia boss neuroses. (Or maybe that’s how everyone in Jersey?)

Wearing what could be considered an undershirt on its own is incredibly transgressive and just a little wrong, a combination that is particularly suitable for the most exciting summer on record. (Practically speaking, it’s also the easiest way to approach shirtless freedom without getting arrested for indecent exposure.) And if you’re not yet ready to immerse yourself in the full tank rebirth, you can still remove an A -shirt with minimal effort.

Try wearing one under a puffy camp shirt, relaxed jeans, and fisherman sandals. Or wear one, neatly tucked into slightly flared pants that fall with the slightest hint of breakage over Cuban heeled boots. Better yet, take a seat next to the front porch and help scare the Poke crowd by reminding them loud and clear just how harmful their patronage is to the adjacent bodega. You’re wearing a t-shirt now, bad humor comes with the territory.

Hanes ComfortSoft Tagless Underwear (6-Pack)

Once a classic, always a classic.

Tommy John Second Skin Tank Top

The ultra-soft micromodal will treat your skin on the stickiest summer days.

Calvin Klein Classic Cotton Tank Top (3-Pack) (Was $ 30, Now at 19%)

Balenciaga sleeveless jersey tank top

You don’t have to appreciate sardonic, Balenciaga-worthy fashion to pull this shirt off, but a good sense of humor can help you bear the cost.

Mack Weldon 18 Hour Ribbed Jersey Tank Top

Any tank that inspires such rave reviews (go ahead, read them) is A-OK in our book.

Todd Snyder Cotton Knit Tank Top

Release the (tiniest hint of) nipple!

2 (X) IST Square Fit Cotton Tank Top (Pack of 2)

Guaranteed to make you look exponentially buffer whether your bench max is a plate or three.

Rick Owens Ribbed Racerback Tubular Tank

The design might be standard, but the workmanship (a blend of viscose and silk) and proportions (long, draped) are pure Rick.

Tom Ford ribbed cotton and modal-blend tank top

A “high basic” actually worthy of description.

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