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It’s pretty easy to pick from the early rounds of a fantasy hockey draft. Pick a star player here, a frontline forward there, secure a star goalie and, really, it’s not that hard to lay the groundwork for a fantastic hockey team.

Where the job gets a little more difficult is when the draft starts to move on to later rounds, as there is a lot more variance in the potential results. So, for this exercise, I looked at players ranked outside of the Top 300 on Yahoo to find players whose edge is worth taking before – in some cases long before – their preseason rankings.

The objective when shooting players ranked this far down the list is to shoot backwards. There are legitimate reasons why a player can be ranked so low on the roster, but there are also reasons why players can exceed the expected low-barrel value.

Maybe they have new opportunities with better teammates or a place on the power play, or it could be a rookie making his way to a bigger role. For a variety of reasons, here are 21 players to target in the final rounds that just might make a difference to your fantastic team:

Tyler Johnson, C / RW, Chicago

Yahoo: 561

Before actually being buried in the depth chart in his last two seasons with Tampa Bay, Johnson has scored 45 or more points in five of the previous six seasons, so he’s established he can contribute offensively. But the big reason to consider Johnson is that the Blackhawks are giving him a middle chance between

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